SocialFlow Closes on $10 Million in Funding

SocialFlow gets $10 million in funding for their software—currently used by six of the ten largest media companies.
Author, Profit First
April 18, 2013 SocialFlow, the makers of social marketing optimization technology to help brands determine when to post their content, just closed on $10 million in Series B funding today. They came out of beta in 2011, raising $7 million in funding for Series A. They’re the first social media optimization company to apply a scientific approach to understanding real-time value of content on the social graph. Their current team consists of 32 members, but they’re hiring an additional 12 employees in sales and marketing. Twitter platform lead Ryan Sarver praised the company in 2011 and more companies are steadily coming on board.

Watching new software companies move in to supplement, complement or enhance existing products like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites should be part of your marketing awareness and planning too. When a company like SocialFlow shows traction with companies like Walmart, Pepsi and six of the ten largest media companies in the country—all of whom are actively using their software, it’s time to sit up, take notice and get on board before the stampede.


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