Is Secret to Successful Word of Mouth Marketing Right Under Your Nose?

The best social media marketing strategy is to impress your employees enough that they become your biggest tweeting and posting fans.
Author, Profit First
March 19, 2013

Building a social media marketing campaign from scratch is tough for any bootstrapped start-up. Well, it’s tough unless you consider incorporating the social media contacts of your employees as part of your social media strategy. No, don’t force employees to reach out to their friends to promote your company. But do give employees a reason to tweet, post and talk about you to their social media contacts. 

Your most powerful marketing tool is right below your nose. Just think of this for a moment: If you have 10 employees, and each has a reach of approximately 1,500 people through their social media networks and personal friends, you instantly have a potential list of 15,000 contacts. Out of 15,000 people, it is quite possible a handful can use your product or service right now. That’s gold right under your nose!

So how do you mine this opportunity? By setting up a structure for natural word-of-mouth marketing. Create a culture in your business where employees are excited about what they do. Create an environment where people love coming to work and love working. Reward and recognize your employee's contributions. Notice how I didn't say a single word about encouraging or teaching your employees how to market you? That would be inauthentic and would fail, as employee-advocate strategies are built on trust. But by wowing your employees, it is only a matter of time before they share it with the world—and they wow you with leads.


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Author, Profit First