What Specific Type of Marketing Do Women Crave?

Contrary to popular marketing think, women don’t care for pink as nearly as much as they care for facts, figures and functionality.
Author, Profit First
March 25, 2013

For decades, marketing to women just meant changing the color of the product pink (think hammers and tools), offering men’s sized products (backpacks and camping gear, guns, or whatever) in pink or “feminine design patterns,” or the equivalent of “slapping a pink bow” on it and deeming it “Made for Women.” Major fail. Turns out women, at least 90 percent of them, aren't happy about this "pink marketing" and feel like marketers don’t understand their needs. Women demand facts, figures, education and information about what they’re spending their hard-earned money on. So how do you sell most effectively to women? Content marketing. Stories. Focus on the features, the benefits, the price and the functionality. Who knew?

Don’t sell what you do, show what you do. Show them how you do it. Show them how they can do it. Tell them everything about your product or service. Women like to understand how things work. The less you sell how great your product or service is, and the more you tell the stories around it, the more you provide women with an arsenal of information for them to research and share. Eighty-nine percent of women have social networking profiles. This means you have the perfect place to realize your marketing strategy social networks. Enable your female customers and prospects to integrate the discussion of you in what they do, and you win. And whatever you do, skip the pink bow!


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Photo: Getty Images