How to Easily Make Content Work Harder for You

Need a tool that gathers all the information others post about you in one spot? SlideBatch can help you create a constantly updating newsroom.
December 12, 2014

It used to be that a prospect had to see a message about you, your product or your service three times before making a decision to do business with you. Today, because there's so much content available at our fingertips, that number has swelled to 20 times or more. 

But not only do people have to see something about you 20 times or more before it occurs to them that you offer something they'd like to buy; the information they might want to gather is scattered across the Web in a gazillion different spots. 

A new tech tool makes it easy to put everything anyone has said about you on the Web in one spot and to create a place on your website (much like a newsroom)—and you don't even have to have any design skills to make it work.

Gathering Your Content

SlideBatch can help you build Web content and control what people see and how they see it. Sign up for the service, and create your first "Batch." Drag media files from your desktop, Dropbox, SlideShare, Google or Flickr. You can also add items from YouTube, Vimeo, news, blogs and even any of the social networks.

You create a batch, design a customized player, select a template and choose a color theme, and voila! It’s all ready for you. Once you're done, your Batch can be played on any device, embedded on any site or downloaded by users. And it can be public, private or shared with a small group.

The cool thing about public batches is they can be shared as a link on social media sites; the link sends visitors directly to all the information you've gathered about your company in one visual slideshow. (A short video tells you more about how SlideBatch works.)

You won't have to do manual updates every time you want to update your site. For instance, let's say your industry trade publication featured your business in an article, then people shared it on social networks. Now you can compile all those social media mentions into one Batch and embed it on your site, wherever you like.

Every time a story runs about your business, instead of having to create an image, write a few sentences to entice people to click and then link to the original story, you can create a Batch. It’s a very visual way to provide social proof to journalists who ask the inevitable question, “Who else has covered these guys?” 

The Cons

SlideBatch is meant to automatically publish new articles, blog posts, images, and videos that mention your search terms, but it's not quite there yet. So, if you want to add new items, you have to manually add them, and re-embed the newly updated batch on your website. The other challenge is that, when you go to add new content in, while it sorts by date, it's impossible to tell you what you've already added and what is new. So you almost have to create the batch from scratch to update it. While certainly more time-efficient than manually adding each news article to your site one-by-one, it's inconvenient to have to start over every time you want to do a refresh (which could be as often as weekly).

It also isn't super pretty for news articles and blog posts that don't include images. SlideBatch doesn't grab an image for the content block if the site it's coming from doesn't have one, so you end up with a few pieces of content that have a gray paper clip instead of a pretty image.

The last con is the limited analytics. Right now, you can only get number of views, comments and likes. In a world where data drives all our marketing decisions, this is a feature they'll need to improve.

Though it has a few flaws, SlideBatch is early in its business life. It definitely provides an easy way to share all the content that spotlights your business, and will likely work on new features as it grows.

If you've been looking for an easy way to share all the content that spotlights your business, SlideBatch could be the solution you need. Go check it out, and play around with it. Happy Batching!

Note: The author has no affiliation to SlideBatch and receives no compensation for writing about it.

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