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The Business Travel Companion — Tips and Tools for Road Warriors

Summertime is travel time—even for entrepreneurs. Maximize your business trip with our guide to traveling smarter.
July 11, 2012

While many people use the summer months for vacation travel, there is rarely a beach day for the small businessperson. Summer to them means trade shows, conferences and other opportunities to network, learn new skills and prepare for the fourth-quarter boom time.

According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 47 percent of business travelers said their last trip was to attend a meeting, trade show or convention. And the average business traveler takes more than five trips per year (with 20 percent saying they try to combine business and family travel).

So for our July Special Feature, we are giving you tireless small-business owners, who are hopping flights to conferences and trade shows, a leg up. Our comprehensive guide to business travel covers all aspects of preparing for your trip, getting there, and making the most of the destination event.

In Part 1, our experts give you inside tips and tricks for packing and using tech tools/apps, as well as advice on what to wear. Read on to bump up your travel-savvy before the big trip.

7 Services to Keep Road Warriors Connected

Our tech guru TJ McCue brings you essential apps and services for collaborating, communicating and keeping tabs on your team while you are traveling.

4 Underrated Apps for Business Travel

Mashable takes you beyond the usual suspects (Kayak, Orbitz, etc.) to show you some hidden gems for saving money and finding cool places in your travels.

Pack Like a Marine

Leadership expert and former Marine Wally Adamchik reveals the secrets he learned both as a frequent business traveler and a soldier about how to pack an organized, minimized and optimized suitcase.

The Secret to Packing the Perfect Carry-On Bag

What you take on the plane versus put in your checked luggage is always an important decision. Road warrior Barry Moltz shows you how he streamlines his carry-on for maximum travel efficiency.

How to Dress for Success on the Road

Overpacking or bringing the wrong clothes for your business event is beyond aggravating. Helen Zhang shows you what to bring to have maximum impact with minimal luggage space.

5 Essential Translation Apps for Overseas Travel

Doing business overseas is fraught with faux pas perils—caused mainly by not knowing the language or local customs. Mashable shows you the must-have apps and services for overseas travel.

7 Compact Gadgets for Business Travel

Maximize your luggage and carry-on space with these handy little gadgets that will keep you powered up and connected on your trip.

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