The New Marketing Media: Basketball Courts

Basketball courts are the new owned media branding and marketing opportunity, letting colleges showcase more than logos.
Author, Profit First
March 21, 2013

Someone eventually had to notice that a basketball court was nearly 500 square feet of empty space begging to be used for marketing. And, they have. Sponsor branding on the boards and in the center of the court has been around for 15 years, but now schools are using the courts to brand and market themselves. After all, there’s more than just basketball happening at colleges around the country. Even the NCAA is thinking branding, making sure that audiences know they’re watching an NCAA tournament by the NCAA logo on the court. The big difference? Schools aren’t using brightly colored paints. This time wood stains are in. Mountain West college in Las Vegas used four hues of brown stain to create a work of art that runs the full-length of their basketball court. The deep contrasts of arcs and boxes and jags, include a range of snow-capped peak.

Absolute branding genius . . . a nearly 100-foot-by-50 foot canvas that TV viewers and fans stare at for almost two hours straight! It’s the ideal platform for marketing. And because the Mountain West Conference was the first to do it, they will be remembered for it (even when all the copycats do the same to their courts). A similar grand marketing move was achieved when Boise State installed their now infamous blue turf football field.

What space(s) do you have to utilize owned media marketing? What can you do on a grand scale to market your business? You may be shocked at how many opportunities abound.


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Photo: Getty Images