The Science Behind Making Your Videos Go Viral

A recent study explains how to choose the best audience for your video or ad campaign, which is critical if you want to go viral.
Author, Profit First
February 05, 2013

Don’t waste your time making an awesome video if all you’re going to do is post it to YouTube. You have to "seed it" with people who care about the content and who can help make it grow like Jack’s proverbial beanstalk. Viral videos mean your audience, not you, does most of the legwork, but to work you have to get your content to the right people. There’s no known formula to guarantee a video will go viral, but these three academic seeding strategies—hubs, fringes, bridges—have proven to work better than random seeding.

These strategies were tested in a study to show which audience category—hub, bridge or fringe—were the best to target. The study's outcome confirmed what great marketers already know—that relevance, interest and content that people want to share with their friends is how a video, a campaign, or an ad goes viral. We share what we’re fascinated with, intrigued by, or impressed with. If it makes us laugh, eases our pain, solves our problems or sparks interest in our customers we'll share it. Create a video that does that and the rest is a piece of cake.

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Photo: iStockphoto