The Summer Sales Spectacular

Are you on track to hit your sales projections? This sales extravaganza is your ticket to revenue fireworks.
June 06, 2012

With the temperature rising, the days getting longer, and the beach calling your name, sales forecasts can seem as distant as sweaters and snow boots. But the savvy businesspeople know that this is the time for your mid-year sales check-in. Take this opportunity to see if you are on track to meet your yearly projections.

If you're coming up short, taking action now will prevent drastic cutbacks down the road. And if you're on target, find out what you're doing right and stay the course.

In our June special feature, we look at four pieces of the sales puzzle: your sales projections and strategy, making the sale, managing a salesforce, and closing the deal.

Part 1 takes a look at ways to calculate your sales goals, different sales strategies (such as high-volume vs. high quality, generating new leads, and boosting sales with a franchise or partnership).

Small-Business Moneyball

If you've run the numbers, and your sales so far are not what they should be, the urge to become emotional might be overwhelming (after all, your business is your life's work). But what's needed most is some rational thinking and sound calculations. Finance expert Mike Periu takes you through how to run the numbers Moneyball-style to engineer your success.

Is It Better to Boost Sales or Cut Costs?

Wise Bread expert Annie Mueller takes you through both approaches to hit your target. She lays out the pros and cons of each approach, as well as what's involved.

How Many Sales Leads Do You Really Need?

As sales guru John Jantsch shows you, the biggest misconception of sales is that you have to constantly boost the number of leads you bring in. You can also increase sales by making better use of the leads you already have.

The Customer Conundrum: Quantity vs. Quality

Veteran business reporter and businesswoman Rieva Lesonsky takes you through the classic argument of quantity vs. quality when it comes to your customer base, including which industries are ideal for each approach.

Boost Sales With a Franchise or Partnership

Want to grow your business and boost your sales? Consider a franchise, alliance, or licensing agreement. Mark Henricks lays out all the basics in this primer to all three types of business deals.

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Illustration by Jake Cohen for OPEN Forum