Top 10 Business Tips From This Week's OPEN Forum

No time to read this week? Here are our favorite 10 tips from this week's top OPEN Forum stories.
Founder, mater mea
November 02, 2013

1. Capitalize on an under-the-radar national holiday. Anyone can have a Halloween or Fourth of July promotion, but Uber's decision to unveil a kitten deliver promo on a kitschy holiday like National Cat Day ultimately upped the amount of attention it received. (From "Uber Kitten Promo Warms Hearts, Teaches Lessons," by Anthonia Akitunde)

2. Hire for the long haulYou're hiring for more than someone's skill set and ability to execute a job. "They also have to be able to work well in and contribute meaningfully to the culture you've established for your company," writes Alexandra Levit. (From "8 Signs You’re About To Hire The Wrong Person," by Alexandra Levit)

3. Make adjustments. Take a step back from your company and reflect on its growth, and any other changes. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to your business; you'll have to adjust to fit with the times. (From "Stay Focused And Keep Shipping: 4 Ways To Build A Strong Foundation," by Chris Guillebeau)

4. Encourage "guest" partnerships. As popular variety show Saturday Night Live knows, having guest contributors to your business (maybe an industry influencer or a competitor) can bring in a steady, constant new audience to your brand. (From "What Saturday Night Live Can Teach You About Smart Marketing," by Erika Napoletano)

5. Host an interactive event. "People love to interact with products and get to know a company's employees," writes expert Vivian Wagner. It's a much better way to get people familiar with your brand than another promotional email. (From "Event Marketing: 10 Ideas Sure To Attract Attention," by Vivian Wagner)

6. Engage your customers on Twitter. Hosting tweet chats and using a designated hashtag is a great way to gain visibility for your brand online. (From "Tweet Chats: A Step By Step Guide To Engaging Your Audience On Twitter," by Angela Stringfellow)

7. Make a list of what your competitors aren't doing and then do it. To make it into today's super competitive business world, you have to do more than compete—you have to dominate, writes Grant Cardone. You do this by exploiting areas your competitors aren't in. (From "The Secret To Success: Don't Compete ... Dominate," by Grant Cardone)

8. Systematize your company's processes. Saving time is just one benefit of creating a system around what your business does day-to-day. It also creates a level of consistency in production and employee training. (From "5 Management Mistakes That Can Come Back To Haunt You," by Rieva Lesonsky)

9. Plan for a business breakup before it happensIt's important to understand what both of you would want if the partnership dissolves, and have it in writing, just as a safeguard in case the relationship ends. (From "How To Deal With A Bad Business Breakup," by Ritika Puri)

10. Remember your mission. Running a business is far from easy. But when you take a step back to reflect on why you started your company, it can help pull you out of any work-related funk. (From "What To Do When You're Losing Hope," by Dorie Clark)

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Founder, mater mea