Top 10 Business Tips From This Week's OPEN Forum

No time to read this week? Here are our favorite 10 tips from this week's top OPEN Forum stories.
November 09, 2013

1. Join your local chamber of commerce. These resources can offer services and educational opportunities at a discount, as well as provide the chance for you to share your own know-how and network. (From "How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Chamber Of Commerce," by Angela Stringfellow)

2. Adjust prices for inflation. "By negotiating a 'price inflation clause' in your contracts," writes Council for Economic Education Director Mike Periu, "you can avoid having to ask for surprise price increases in the middle of a contract because of rising inflation." (From "How To Protect Your Cash Against Rising Inflation," by Mike Periu)

3. Market your book to a niche audienceBy targeting your marketing efforts to a specific group, you'll win loyal fans who relate to your book's message. (From "5 Ways You Can Beat The Big Guys At Marketing," by Glen Stansberry)

4. Educate yourself and your staff on copyright. With more businesses creating content than ever before, knowing what images and copy are legal to use can save you from being on the receiving end of a tersely worded email or claims of plagiarism. (From "Risky Content: The Thin Line Between Inspiration And Plagiarism," by Anita Campbell)

5. Ask yourself, “Why am I running this ad?” This will guide your Facebook strategy, whether you're trying to drive more likes on your page or more traffic to your site. (From "Get The Clicks: 6 Ways To Make Your Facebook Ads Sexier," by Erika Napoletano)

6. Hire holiday help from your local school systemParents with extra time on their hands during the day have a great work ethic and enjoy helping a business in their community. (From "5 Best Hires For Boosting Holiday Sales," by Barry Moltz)

7. Provide seating alternatives in your open officeNot only can sitting at your desk all day be bad for your health, it can sap your employees' energy. Yoga ball chairs or treadmill desks are a healthy alternative. (From "5 Open-Office Plan Tweaks That Increase Productivity," by Vivian Giang)

8. Add social sharing buttons to your site. It's a great way to get your content in front of new readers. (From "Smart Content Strategy: 10 Ways To 'Link Bait' And Not Get Flagged," by John Jantsch)

9. Take some alone time for yourself. Solitude is a great time to process your thoughts, be creative and reflective, and it improves your ability to think and focus. (From "5 Reasons Introverts Make Better Leaders," by Bruna Martinuzzi)

10. Worry only about what you have control over. Without focus, you'll derail your business and its growth. (From "The One Thing You Lack That's Keeping You From Greatness," by Glen Stansberry)

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