"Inside Out" Marketing: It's Who You Know

Marketing to the masses takes too much personal bandwidth and isn’t effective. Marketing from the inside out, to your followers first, is the way to go.
Author, Profit First
January 15, 2013

Robbing banks because that’s where the money is doesn’t mean you should target e-commerce markets because that’s where all the people are. Marketing “inside out” is about marketing to the people who know and trust you. Do that, then let them market you to their networks.

Instead of going after everyone you don’t know, go after the people you do know: your network. Focus on people who know and care about you. Tell them something easy, different and memorable. Then empower them to take your message to their networks by offering them a unique experience as well as a great product or service. Have something new to say, and say it. Build awareness first from people who know you, trust you and have an interest in your success. Then give them something fun and interesting to talk about.

You, my friend, are the activities director, bartender, dancing girls and brass band on the marketing cruise ship named “Your Company.” Marketing is about practically overwhelming your readers with more and more cool stuff, great information and tips that help them. If all you’ve got to offer your followers is an autographed photo of you, then you better hope that’s what they want to buy. Great marketing is about giving your followers a piece of your remarkableness and brilliance and then empowering them to share it with their friends.

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