Get Your Twitter Followers to Think You're Brilliant

Consumers enjoy real-time responses to their social media questions, and they expect them. Can you deliver them?
Author, Profit First
April 04, 2013

If the infamous “you can dunk in the dark” Oreo tweet during this year's Super Bowl blackout taught marketers anything, it is that consumers respond best to real-time interactions on social media. The challenge is to maintain those interactions in a way that continues to delight and engage customers. How do you do that? By planning ahead. It may sound counterintuitive, but there are simple ways to be prepared for seemingly spontaneous outreach to your customers, including knowing when, where and why to focus attention.

Just like offering water to someone dying of thirst in the desert is perfect timing, you need to be able to deliver the goods when customers need them most. Strategize your real-time marketing around services or products that you can deliver on the spot by researching, understanding and anticipating when customers are going to need them. Once you know what you can deliver immediately, identify the "dying of thirst" indicators that customers have. Do they complain on Twitter about something specific? Do they rant on Facebook? Finally, have a concise response ready when a "dying of thirst" customer reveals themselves so you can capture their attention. 

[Memphis Daily News]

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