Use Social Media Engagement to Drive Sales

Although most consumers aren’t buying from social media platforms, they’re actively engaging with marketers there. Take advantage to promote your brand.
Contributing Writer,
March 22, 2013

According to a recent PriceWaterhouseCooper study, 70 percent of consumers never make purchases on social media sites. There is a bright side, however. Even though consumers aren’t buying directly on social media channels, they are engaging with businesses there, which is indirectly driving sales. There are many ways you can use your customers’ engagement with your brand on social media to encourage sales, including:

  • Keep track of what products your customers are researching, talking about or interested in buying on social media.
  • Encourage customers to share reviews, recommendations and comments about your products on your social media sites.
  • Feature special offers. That doesn’t always mean discounts. In fact, consumers are often more motivated by exclusive offers or early alerts about new products than they are by plain-old price cuts.
  • Keep your eyes on “aggressive” social media users. These customers are highly active in venting their opinions on social media. Don’t ignore them; take advantage of their interest to engage and even involve them.


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