Can Military Tools Improve Real Estate Sales?

Real estate agent uses military drone to take photos of houses for sale and revolutionize world of real estate marketing.
Author, Profit First
April 23, 2013 If a drone can help the military spot targets, homes and property from the air, why can’t it help real estate agents take photos of homes for sale from unique angles they’ve never been able to get before? That’s the thinking behind Real Estate agent Saul Goodwin’s latest business venture—an airborne drone that not only takes photos of homes, but is revolutionizing real estate photography. Sure, lots of places take photos from airplanes, but you can’t buzz a neighborhood in a plane. And besides, drones can hover over pools and move around the house for the best photos much, much cheaper.

It always amazes me how many new things and ways people can use existing technology and tools to create an entirely new business from practically nothing. If you’re buying a house, and all you have to look at is a front, rear and side view versus a front, rear and side view and a shot of the whole neighborhood, and the pool, or the whole house and property from the air, which agent are you going to visit first? Saul Goodwin isn’t doing anything real estate agents haven’t done before. He just found a new and better way to do it so his marketing efforts stand out. You don’t have to create something new. You just have to find new uses for existing things.


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Photo: iStockphoto