Waiting In Line? Use These Apps To Maximize Productivity

Looking for something to occupy yourself while you're killing time? Ty these great productive apps.
August 15, 2011

When waiting, I need my apps to to maximize my productivity as quickly as possible.  And although some folks seem able to organize everything in their head, I need to work off lists and reminders. These organization and productivity apps help me get more done in tiny amounts of time.

I chose six apps that squeeze the most out of limited time. These apps extend your brain power wherever you are.

Napkin Genius

If I'm not quite sure when inspiration will strike, Napkin Genius helps me feel prepared. If an idea bubbles up, I can immediately document my thoughts on the go. Better yet, Napkin Genius lets me release the John Madden within me and sketch on photographs to more clearly get my point across. It’s fun to use and helps me communicate clearly. Winner.


The most beautiful app I have ever used, Diacarta is a Steampunk-inspired productivity app. It shows your calendar in gorgeously designed muted colors and prints. Since it syncs with your calendar automatically, you’ll find yourself checking in on your tasks just because it’s so lovely. I am eager to schedule appointments, track my time and plan ahead simply because Diacarta makes it look so darn good.


As a new Evernote user, I’m still learning all of its applications. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading about it for a while. Evernote is the app that everyone from productivity writers to PC Mag raves about. It’s a software suite designed for comprehensive note taking. Notes can be text, Web pages, photos, voice notes or even handwritten. Evernote even won a Webby. If it can help me remember to pick up baking powder and my appointment with the VP, I’m sold.


Helping me to find the best places closest to my location, WHERE not only shows me my options, it offers great deals. Better yet, the more I use it, the more spot on the recommendations. I can share lists with friends—and my list of recommendations for places to eat, drink and be merry. It’s great to have the lists already saved.

Daily Tracker

This app helps me track all kinds of personal habits. Whether it’s my weight (ahem), the amount of sleep I’m getting or my mood, Daily Tracker offers me a one spot app that reminds me that the key to growth is cultivation of good  habits. Awareness is key and Daily Tracker show me exactly what habits I want to change.


IBlueSky When I have an idea that leads to another idea that leads to another idea, I don't always have the time to get out my notebook and find a comfortable place to sit. IBluesky is a mind mapping tool that helps me organize and prioritize my big ideas. At 9.99 it's an investment, but if, like me, you're squeezing the most out of every minute, it's a worthy investment.

I’m never sure when inspiration will strike. These apps help me capture ideas, track my habits and maximize productivity on the smartphone I’m already likely gazing upon.

What are your favorite apps for maximizing productivity?