Web Forms To Help You Keep In Contact With Customers

Here are five programs that will help you create professional-looking order forms, lead-generation forms, customer service surveys and more.
November 08, 2012

Customers want to contact your business, but they want it to be easy. Many website owners provide a contact us page filled with different ways to be reached. The savvy put their email contact information in the footer or in an ever-present web form that shows up, usually in a narrow column, on every website page.

I advise my clients to do both, actually. Provide a direct link to your email address and maintain a web form. The email link is easy enough. Here are five web form creation tools you might want to consider.


You have to give them credit for a creative name. More so, Wufoo deserves credit for having an elegant and fast web form creation tool. It’s web-based, so you create the form on the Wufoo site and they give you the code to embed it on your blog or website. They even have a widget to make it easy for WordPress users. They have a forever free option that can help you decide if it’s right for you. Plans start at $14.95 per month.


Although it sounds like it is just for surveys, there’s no reason why you cannot use SurveyMonkey to create a short web form from their survey tool. They have a forever free account that lets you ask up to 10 questions per survey – which is a little long for a web contact form, however, I think it provides some creative ways to engage with your customers. Plans start at $17 per month.


I really like Adobe FormsCentral because it is backed by a solid brand. I’ve used it a few times and find it is quite robust. The interface gives you a lot of control and they have lots of professional templates for you to test and use. There are job application forms and HR forms, sales forms (standard web contact versions), order forms, registration forms and more. They have a free 30-day trial, then plans start at $14.99 per month. Oh, and they have an amazing reporting function to analyze your form data.


Among the many sophisticated features Formstack offers is a re-routing function, which automatically directs a completed form to the right person in your business, based on the information input by the customer. They even let you create an e-commerce form where you can connect directly on the form to your payment processor. You can try it out with a 14-day free trial. Service plans start at $14 per month. One of the cooler options is their new beta offering called LaunchPad, a suite of small-business marketing tools. 


Unlike the other four programs, which are all run as software as a service models, CoffeeCup Web Form Builder 2.1 is a software program you can download to your Mac or PC. You can host the form on your own server or host it for free on CoffeeCup’s “S Drive.” It is $69 to purchase, but you can create as many forms as you want. They have a few other cool apps for small business, too, including a free lite version of their web form tool. 

Let us know in the comments how you create contact forms that engage your customer base. 

Photo: Wufoo