Welcome Aboard: The New Hire Guide - Part 2

The second part of our August Special Feature gives you the tips and tools you need to ensure a great first day for your new hire.
August 08, 2012

Everyone remembers the first day on the job. For most, there are many "first days," some good and some not so good. How you kick off Day 1 with your new hire can set the tone for her time at your company. Making her feel welcome, having her space prepared and immediately including her in the company culture will pay a dividend of an engaged and loyal employee. 

In Part 2 of our August Special Feature, we focus on tips, tools and strategies for making your new hire's first day a memorable one—and not for the wrong reasons. Both you and your new hire want to feel as if you've made the right decision. Here we have everything from case studies to what should be in your employee handbook.

How to Set Up New Employees for Success

Just because you've successfully weeded out job candidates and settled on a new hire doesn't mean the job of bringing that employee on board is over. In fact, to give the new worker the best chance at success, your work is just beginning.

What Should Be in Your Employee Handbook? 

If your employee handbook needs an update, or you're putting one together for the first time, here's what you need to know.

5 Ways to Engage a New Hire From Day One

The hiring process isn't over when someone takes the job. Successful onboarding can ensure a new employee lives up to his or her potential.

A Case Study in Successful Onboarding 

For this small-business owner, creating a positive onboarding experience meant less frustration for everyone.