Welcome Aboard: The New Hire Guide - Part 3

In Part 3 of our Special Feature, we look at training, recruiting and mentoring new hires.
August 15, 2012

Training day has arrived! Your new hire is in her new desk ready to go. So what's your training plan? At many small businesses, the training procedure is nothing more than having the new employee shadow a co-worker, creating more work for that employee and not clearly defining the tasks and expectations. 

In Part 3 of our Special Feature on new hires, we look at issues related to recruiting, training and reviewing employees.   

How Small Business Recruits its Workers

Without a team of recruiters and a full-fledged HR department, how do small businesses find good talent? Angela Stringfellow shows you some innovative ways smaller companies recruit top workers.

Training Horror Stories and How to Cope 

For some, the first day on the job became the first day in hell. Katie Morell relays some of the worst training debacles and tells you how to avoid them.

How to Develop an Internal Mentoring Program

If you want your employees to build careers at your company, a mentoring program can be a key component in putting new employees on the track to success. Here’s what you need to know to build your own.

4 Tips to an Effective Employee Review

Every employee needs and deserves good feedback. It is a key component to growth and improvement. Here are four essential elements that should be in every employee review.