The Mystery of the Google Doodle

Google sometimes turns their name in to a "Google Doodle" to mark specific occasions or events. Is this part of their marketing strategy?
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February 27, 2013 Google has always had a very simple home page with the name of its company and a blank search box below it. It showed that, unlike Yahoo, it wasn't an entertainment or news site.

However, sometimes it turns its name in to a "Google Doodle" to mark specific occasions or events. Is this part of its marketing strategy? Ryan Germic, the chief Doodler, said their value to the company isn't found in a traditional business plan, but rather is a way to "delight users and humanize Google." He says it's one of the only things at Google that's not metric driven. Germic also sees it as an important company building exercise. It reflects Google's culture of innovation and that it's a fun place to work.

These type of creative activities are critical for every small business that wants to create a unique culture. What activities in your company are whimsically fun and employee-generated? This can be routine team celebrations, employee blog posts, contests, internal newsletters or performing the Harlem Shake! Later on, it can be blessed by the small-business owner, but initially it has to come from the team members themselves.

What "doodles" do you have in your company that can build its culture?

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Photo: Google