Do You Want to Resign Like the Pope?

What if a small-business owner wants to leave their company. How can they ensure that the business goes on to prosper?
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February 11, 2013 The Vatican made a surprise announcement that the Pope Benedict is resigning February 28, 2013. This apparently came as a shock to his inner circle as well as the rest of the world, since he's the first Pope to resign in more than 700 years. The Pope said his reason for resigning is because he no longer had the physical and mental energy to do his job. 

What if you want or need to leave your small business? How can you do so without shocking your employees and your customers, and how can you ensure your business goes on to prosper if you have to leave abruptly?

1. Talk to a mentor or trusted advisor. Get a second opinion. Is this really the right time? Have you thought through what will you do after you quit? Many owners make a knee jerk decision to leave, then the next day have nothing to do with their time. This is where it's important to confer with your spouse. There needs to be a plan.

2. Plan for a successor. Let them know ahead of time that they are being groomed for this opportunity and the approximate time frame you have in mind for transitioning.

3. Tell the management team first. Show confidence by praising the new leadership.

4. Make a quick transition. Do not direct from behind. The new leaders need to make their own decisions. 

Thinking of leaving? Are you and your company ready?

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