Why Social Media is a Whole Lot Like Dating

Mistakes happen. But when the mistake is on a public platform like Twitter it can spell disaster. Here is what to say when everyone is watching.
Author, Profit First
January 04, 2013

Did you ever notice how getting started on social media is a lot like starting to date for the first time? You’re scared to death of looking stupid, inept and uncool. And as much as you really want to get in there and start talking to your biggest crush, cause all the cool kids are already doing it, you’re just standing on the sidelines wringing your hands and thinking you’re going to be a 92-year old virgin if you don’t just jump in with both feet and ask someone out.

Yeah. Social media is a whole lot like dating, only more public and with a bigger payoff in marketing, brand awareness, customer relations and all that jazz. Author and entrepreneur Brad Phillips doesn’t have any dating tips. But he definitely smooths the way for companies terrified about considering the big leap into social media with his advice on making 2013 a social win for your company. According to Phillips, the sting of rejection isn't even as painful with social media as it is with dating—he points to a Harris Interactive study showing that, when it comes to social media, even negative feedback can be turned around for good.

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