Why 86 Percent of Customers Quit Your Business

One of the biggest reasons your business is losing customers? Bad customer service. Don't get caught in the tangle: here's how to improve.
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April 01, 2013 In an age where getting and keeping new customers seems like an uphill battle, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to your company's customer service strategy. Most customer service just plain stinks and small-business owners don't even know it. According to an infographic from Help Scout, the most common complaint from customers is not that they are dissatisfied with the product or service they bought, but rather the  post sale customer service. This is why 86 percent of customers take their business elsewhere. 

Making matters worse, most small-business owners just sit back and think that dissatisfied customers will contact them. Unfortunately, according to Help Scout, only 4 percent actually do. This means that the vast majority of customers will leave a business without tell you why! With social media, dissatisfied customers can spread the word far and wide about their bad experience. This kind of bad publicity would hurt any company, no doubt. 

What can a small business do to keep its customers? Let them be heard. Most customers just want an easy way to explain their problem and want an empathetic employee to listen to them. This can be done by phone, email or social media at every stage of the transaction.  Customers will stick around if they can interact with people they like.

Giving excellent service will always make a small-business more money. According to Help Scout, 80 percent of consumers say they would pay more to ensure superior customer service. In fact, 78 percent of satisfied online customers will recommend that company to friends and contacts. 

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