Why Culture Is King When It Comes to Growing Your Business

Create an environment that encourages everyone to work their best, and top talent will come knocking at your door.
Founder, BackPocket COO
April 20, 2012

What is the most important thing I can do to grow my business?

This is the question I'm probably asked the most. The answer I want to give is long, but my short answer is simple. To grow your business, you have to develop a world-­class culture. A commitment to doing so is a commitment to making all aspects of your business better.

A lot of companies shy away from building a truly great culture. They think it’s either too expensive or not important enough. But truly great enterprises look at the money spent on things like benefits and perks as investments in their people, and expect it to be paid back tenfold.

Think about it: you need top-notch employees to build a successful company. Employees thrive in an environment that nourishes and inspires.

Google is one of the most successful companies on the planet. Their offices are bright, colorful and packed with nap pods and pinball machines. But Google isn't staffed by slackers and goof-offs. In fact, it attracts top candidates in any field any time it hires.

Some argue it's the high compensation and stock options that attract employees to Google, but I believe that its rich culture has attracted the kind of talent that allows it to offer such rich packages. Forget the chicken or the egg; focus on a nice, comfortable roost.

It isn’t just video games or funky furniture that creates an impressive culture. Things like vacation time, how you encourage ideas or even what you stock in the fridge go far in fostering an environment of success. There is no blueprint for how to create a winning culture, but emulating the companies that understand its importance will guide your business to growth.

Founder, BackPocket COO