How to Use OPEN Forum

Finding Information

How can I find the information I'm looking for on OPEN Forum?

The OPEN Forum search bar is located at the top right of your screen under the "Highlights" menu. The Highlights menu features select topics of interest which rotate regularly. The "See More" tab of the Highlights displays links to our 7 topic areas and to featured content like our Crash Courses and MSNBC's "Your Business" videos.

Does the search bar search all of

This search bar only searches the OPEN Forum portion of the website. If you want to search the entire website, use the search bar located above OPEN Forum search bar, where it says "Need help?" at the very top right side of the page.

RSS Feeds

Can I sign up for RSS feeds from OPEN Forum?

Yes, you can stay up to date on what's happening with different RSS feeds:

  • The master OPEN Forum feed (all new articles, videos)
  • Topics Feeds (all new articles, videos under specified Topics)
  • The Articles Only Feed (all new articles with full text)
  • The Keywords Page Feed. Keywords are displayed as "Related keywords" to the right on a keyword page and on the bottom right of an article or video page.

Just click the links next to the feeds below you'd like to subscribe to. You can also sign up through your browser toolbar by clicking on the RSS icon and following the subscription prompts.

Available Feeds


Why can't I comment on articles and videos?

You must be logged in to comment on an article or video. You can log in with your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn social network IDs. First, type your comment where it says "What do you think?" in the text box below the content, and then click on the "Post Comment…" button to sign in.

How can I see all articles and videos from one author or source?

Content is arranged by Topic, not source or author. However, you can use the OPEN Forum search bar at the top right corner of your screen to find everything from a particular source or author. Additionally, every article and video page has a "You Might Also Like" feature that suggests related content you may find interesting.

Can I send an article or video to a friend?

Yes. At the bottom left of each content page, you'll find links to share via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.


Who are the Experts?

Experts are our featured authors, including Guy Kawasaki, Anita Campbell, and other top contributors. They write articles for the site and may also engage in discussion with OPEN Forum Members via article comments.