5 Ways to Detect Lying Clients by Reading Their Facial Cues

This infographic looks at how to read microexpressions and find what they tell you about a client's real impressions.
October 16, 2012 The truth lies not in what people say. It is what they say and what they do while they say it that speaks the truth. The truth is revealed through microexpressions, subtle changes in the face that happens for only a fraction of a second. A microexpression is just like any other facial expression (e.g. a wide-open, slacked jaw expressing utter surprise) it is just expressed momentarily, before the person “recovers” to a lying expression that matches their lying words.

Once you understand how facial cues work, you can match your clients' words to their actions and “hear” the truth every single time. Here's the beginner's guide to reading facial cues and what your client is really telling you. 

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