Email Isn't Dead. Not Even Close.

Twitter gets all the headlines, but email is still king.
March 21, 2013

While social networks get all the headlines, email is still king. Startups are starting to take notice as email startups are popping up weekly and one, Mailbox, just sold to Dropbox only a few weeks after going public. Task management company Wrike recently sought out to give email its due and released a new infographic touting the prevalence of email.

From the graphic:

  • There are three times as many email accounts as Twitter and Facebook accounts combined.
  • People prefer being sent an email over face-to-face communication or instant messaging. 
  • Outlook is the most popular client
  • Email is 38.5% of mobile time spent on the Internet
What's this mean for your business? Social media certainly has a growing role in marketing efforts, but is should not replace email. Collecting emails or setting up an email newsletter may not be as enticing as social media, but the numbers tell us its a better medium to spend our time.

See the complete Wrike graphic below (click to see a larger version on Wrike's site):