Five must read books that will benefit any small business owner from

In today's hyper-connected society, it's critical for small businesses to inspire a warm, fuzzy feeling among their customers.

A former CEO and author explains the pitfalls that can occur when hierarchy and groupthink influence company decisions.

No one likes to fail, but failure provides a great growth opportunity. Here's how to make the most of your small-business shortcomings.

A new book spells out the key moves that separate successful entrepreneurs from the ranks of failed business owners.

Dale Carnegie Training has updated its leadership advice for a time when it's not always possible to shake hands and look people in the eye.

JJ Ramberg's book boils down the best advice for running a business into 183 concise tips for entrepreneurs who are short on time but long on ambition.

A new book shows how paring down your products and processes can clear the way for innovation and business growth.

A new book shows why slowing the pace of your business and taking thoughtful pauses may actually help you achieve more.

A TV host takes the best advice she's learned from years of interviews and turned them into an easy-to-read book for busy business owners.

A frustrating encounter with an unyielding plastic package leads the author to an epiphany and the basis for a new approach to business.

Here are some strategies for small-business owners to make sure your child stands a better chance at financial aid.