Customer Service Watch

Customer service is often the trickiest department to manage. Stay on top of it--and maintain a high level of customer service--by watching out for these 7 warning signs.

Customers have very low expectations for service. Satisfaction is not measured by the number that leave happy, but by the number of customers who return.

Ever since Burger King told consumers that they could have it "their way," there has always been a link between personalization and great customer service.

The latest customer complaint can actually be a gift and can spur innovation in your company.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, believes it is okay to lose money on customers as long as they are happy. Can this work for small businesses, too?

The best customer service people "have to genuinely like people." Here is how to spot it.

Instead of hiring employees to answer customer questions online, consider using other customers and experts to provide the information.

Apps have changed the way consumers shop forever--here are three leading examples of the latest technology that makes it easy anf fun for your customers to buy.

The new Facebook phone is targeted at consumers who always want to be connected, but can it be an effective solution for small business?

With the rise of social media, any customer can broadcast his or her opinion. Here's to engage with customers to ensure it's a positive effect.

One of the biggest reasons your business is losing customers? Bad customer service. Don't get caught in the tangle: here's how to improve.

Being reactive and just listening to your customers' complaints isn't enough. You need to be proactive, ask for customer feedback and fix what's wrong.