Game Changers

When Maura Horton's husband had trouble buttoning his dress shirts due to Parkinson's Disease, she got the idea to create a magnetized-button work shirt to help people with diseases, disabilities or injuries get dressed.

A bicycle accident inspired Jerome Rifkin to re-engineer the prosthetic foot, and turn the lives around for amputees.

It's not longer a question of how we can gather genomic data, which can help doctors and patients, but how to manage the abundance of data. That's where GenoSpace steps in.

The food truck trend has spread from city to city. Now it's spreading from humans to pets, thanks to a Chicago food truck selling all-natural dog treats.

Entrepreneur Anand Subramanian came up with an idea to help people bring local TV global, based on his own experience traveling.

O.D. Kobo took the best of all the social networks and created one seamless platform, then he got celebrities to endorse it and allowed users to make money on it.

VerbalizeIt is revolutionizing the $35 billion translation industry, all because of Ryan Frankel's personal medical crisis while traveling in China.

It's not your mom's nail polish. Alpha Nail offers nail polish for men--a niche market the big cosmetics companies have yet to fill.

Nait Jones' e-commerce platform allows chefs and farmers to connect online.

Who would have thought that temporary tattoos could be considered upscale? Poppy Drops is attempting to change the image of this niche market.

Jiabei Chen of Ampere found a fitting solution to one of the most challenging segments of online retail: lingerie.