government contracting

Hoping to get a piece of the federal government's $3.8 trillion budget? Here are 7 tips to follow to help you land a government contract.

According to the latest survey data, it's easier than ever for firms to get their first government contract.

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While government agencies like OSHA and EPA don't have the reputation for being business-friendly, they're some of small businesses' best customers, offering billions of dollars in contracts.

Some small business won't be so small anymore.

You don't have to spend millions or be a big corporation to have a say in government. Lobbying at the local level is a viable option for small businesses.

Big pay checks at small companies raise red flags about who's footing the bill.

The government has billions in contracts to give out every year. Is your small business missing out on money for the taking?

The Sequester is happening. Small business may cut 1 million jobs as a result.

Sequestration hits Friday, and your small business may not be spared from the effects.

The Department of Veterans Affairs flips government contracting on its head by offering small businesses $5 billion in contracts.

President Obama recently signed into law new provisions to increase the percentage of federal dollars spent with small businesses.

The SBA releases its new definitions of "small" business for government contracting.