identity theft

Security awareness among your employees is your first line of defense against a data breach. Protect your business by following these 8 tips.

It's becoming too easy for criminals to get their hands on your banking information, due to your employees' ignorance of phishing scams.

Organized crime rings are using brains, not brawn, to target small businesses and steal critical data. Protect your business by putting these 11 security measures into place.

It's way too easy for anyone to pretend to be someone else. When hiring, make sure you use identity proofing measures so you don't get scammed.

When Lifelock shared their CEO's social security number publicly it did what it was supposed to do--draw attention.

Just a few months ago, the news was full of reports of WikiLeaks supporters, hackers from "anonymous," shutting down MasterCard's website. F

Scott's phone wouldn't stop ringing. Sometimes, no one was there. Other times, it was one of those annoying recorded messages you have to li

After my wallet was stolen last year I decided to freeze my credit. The fraud consultant revealing an interesting statistic to me: We can as