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See what you can do with ReceiptMatch.

Once enrolled, ReceiptMatch comes with many built-in features to help you manage your Business Card expenses.

Manage expenses on the go.

With the ReceiptMatchSM Mobile App2 from American Express OPEN, you can easily add receipts, tags and notes to your transactions. To get started:

  • Download the ReceiptMatch Mobile App
  • Snap a photo of your receipt and ReceiptMatch will match it to your Business Card transaction
  • Use the time you save to focus on other priorities

Employee Cards + ReceiptMatch Saves Time

Using Employee Cards and ReceiptMatch together can save you time. Easily adjust employee spend limits from the office or on your phone, and set up spending alerts so you can know when an employee reaches their spending limit.

Save time, not receipts

Save time, not receipts

ReceiptMatch can automatically match the digital photo of your receipt to the transaction on your American Express online statement. Enroll today.

Use ReceiptMatch virtually anywhere.

Not an American Express OPEN Card Member?

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Frequently asked questions.

Can I upload receipts for my Consumer Card/Corporate Card? +

No. ReceiptMatch is only available with Business Cards from American Express OPEN.

Do I need to pay anything additional to American Express to enroll in ReceiptMatch? +

No. American Express will not charge you a fee to enroll in ReceiptMatch.

What if I have a long receipt? +

To automatically match a receipt using ReceiptMatch, the purchase date, amount, and merchant name must be visible. For long receipts, please ensure these items are legible; otherwise they may need to be manually matched via your American Express online account.

How do I upload a multi-page receipt? +

The best way to upload a multi-page receipt is online or through email as one file. Once uploaded, you will see a thumbnail image of the receipt in your American Express online statement. To view all the pages of the receipt, you can access the receipt from your American Express online statement and enlarge the image by clicking the magnifying glass symbol

How can I upload multiple receipts at once? +

You can attach multiple files to an email and send it to from your registered email address. ReceiptMatch treats each file as a separate receipt and looks for its matching transaction.

I just uploaded my receipt. What happens now? +

ReceiptMatch matches your receipts to your Business Card transactions that have posted to your American Express online statement. It will continue to match your receipt to a transaction for up to 8 days until the transaction has posted to your online statement. Until the receipt is matched, your receipt image will appear in the unmatched section within ReceiptMatch.

Please note if the receipt is not matched after 8 days, it will remain in the unmatched section where you can then manually add the receipt in your online statement

How do I set up or change the email address I use to upload my receipts? +

Click on the ReceiptMatch widget, followed by the Settings Icon to add or edit your email address.

Where should I email receipts to upload them to my American Express online account? +

Once you have enrolled in ReceiptMatch and provided a valid email address, you can email your receipts from that address to You may also want to save "" in your address book to make it easier to email receipts and to prevent typing errors.

Will my Account Manager and employees be able to use this feature to manage expenses? +

Your Account Manager will be able to view all of your uploaded receipts and notes from the American Express online account. Account Managers are not able to use the ReceiptMatch Mobile App.

Once you have enrolled in ReceiptMatch, your employee can enroll in the ReceiptMatch Mobile App if they have an Employee Card on your Business Card account. They will not have access to receipts or transactions for your Basic Card or those of your other employees.

As the Basic Card Member, you can submit, view, and manage receipts for all your Employee Cards from your American Express online account.

What types of alerts are available with ReceiptMatch? +

Basic Card Members can receive the following alerts: (1) an Employee Card is approaching a set spending limit; (2) an Employee Card's purchase was blocked due to exceeding a set spending limit (3) a reminder to add a receipt image for purchases exceeding a set amount. Employee Card Members can receive the reminder to add a receipt image for purchases exceeding a set amount.

If I am enrolled in both Connect to QuickBooks and ReceiptMatch, when do I need to upload my receipt to ensure it gets sent to QuickBooks automatically with the corresponding transaction? +

Please upload your receipt to an OPEN transaction within the same day that you conducted the purchase to help ensure that the receipt is sent to QuickBooks with your corresponding transaction.

If I am enrolled in ReceiptMatch, where will my uploaded receipts appear in QuickBooks? +

Receipts that are uploaded and linked to a transaction in your American Express online account will be sent to your QuickBooks. The receipts will appear as an attachment to the transaction on the Banking page.

Download the ReceiptMatch Mobile App.

1. ReceiptMatchSM is only available with Business Cards from American Express OPEN. For details and enrollment, go to

2. The ReceiptMatchSM Mobile App is only available with Business Cards from American Express OPEN. The ReceiptMatch Mobile App is only available on iTunes and Google Play. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

‡ For the full terms and conditions applicable to Additional Cards Spending Limits, go to