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Supplier Standards and Conduct

Amex Ethics Hotline

The Amex Ethics Hotline, hosted by an independent third-party, provides employees, contractors, vendors/suppliers and others an opportunity, without fear of retaliation, to report concerns regarding potential compliance or ethical matters.  Reporters can choose to provide the information on a confidential or anonymous (where allowed by local laws) basis.  The Hotline is easy to use and convenient.  For example, you can:  report online via a computer, tablet or smartphone; access online or via phone 24/7/365; and speak in your native language (call representatives speak a collective 200+ languages).  Once submitted, all concerns are forwarded to specially trained individuals within American Express who will promptly review, and, if necessary, investigate the report.

Vendors, suppliers and contractors providing goods and services to American Express can utilize the Hotline to surface issues related to American Express.  Such issues could include:

  • Inappropriate treatment or behavior by an American Express employee;
  • Information about any potential violation of law or regulation, such as conflicts of interest, corruption or fraud;
  • American Express practices that vary from accepted standards for financial or business process controls; and
  • Failure to provide a safe and healthy work environment (if on American Express premises).

You may access the Amex Ethics Hotline at