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Twenty five new restaurants get the nod for this year’s American Express® Platinum Fine Dining Awards


American Express revealed the country’s most coveted culinary list for 2018. 
The 19th edition of these esteemed awards marks the introduction of a definitive list of the country’s 100 most exceptional restaurants by American Express, the authority on extraordinary experiences, and saw the highest number of first-time recipient restaurants. 
The awards, are judged on various criteria, including quality and creativity of cuisine, service, wine list, décor, ambience, as well as overall excellence. This year six national categories were introduced. 
  • Business consortium restaurants 
  • Chef-patron restaurants 
  • Game lodge restaurants 
  • Hotel restaurants 
  • Wine farm restaurants 
  • On trend 
American Express drew the following illustration to explain the relationship between the chefs and their ingredients as follows. ‘There is a playful dance between a chef and his or her perfect dish – an essential process which demands hundreds of hours spent focusing, experimenting, eliminating, pushing boundaries and refining the culinary experience.
Creating the perfect plate in the pursuit of excellence requires an exploration into, and a complete understanding of every element on the plate. Notably, it requires the chef’s choice of the key ingredient as the hero for the dish and how it works in harmony with other elements in the mix, to ultimately create perfect culinary excellence.
Click here to view the 2018 American Express Platinum Fine Dining restaurants.


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