Who are my customers

Becoming an American Express merchant could help you grow your customer base, as American Express has over a million Cardmembers in South Africa and more than 110 million Cards in circulation globally.

Consumer Cards:

These are personal cards which are held by American Express Cardmembers. In the South African market alone, there are nine different American Express Consumer Cards ranging from a normal blue card to a platinum card.

Small Business Cards:

These cards are used by small businesses throughout the world mainly for business expenditure.

Corporate Cards:

These cards are used by large corporates to manage their employee day-to-day purchases. 

Foreign Cards:

These cards are foreign cards which range from personal cards to corporate cards, which are all used for day-to-day expenses. 

Rewards Cards:

Cards are most likely linked to a rewards programme which enables Cardmembers to earn points or use them as cash at your store.

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