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Travel solution enhanced with vPayment

Improve control of your business payment processes with vPayment from American Express®.

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American Express has introduced vPayment to simplify booking process for travel management companies and control spend for corporates.

In a growing travel industry with increasing competitive pressures, it’s essential to find new ways to improve efficiency, tighten controls and save money.


vPayment is an online payment solution that streamlines your core payment processes, reducing costs and freeing resources, making settlement with hotel suppliers more efficient and leaving you to concentrate on what’s important to your corporate clients.

Key features

Increase control

vPayment allows you to specify controls on each transaction.

  • Limits exposure to incorrect hotel rates or items   by controlling the absolute value of the charge (eg. mini bar charges).
  • Limits exposure to abuse in/outside the hotel by controlling the spend category, and limiting
    validity of accounts.
  • Ensures only the room rates are included on hotel stays.

Efficient and effective reconciliation

  • Automates matching of charge to booking via the unique reference allocated on booking.
  • Enhances the analysis of charges by additional references for each transaction.
  • Eases query handling with hotels and minimises the risk of charge errors.

Convenient implementation

vPayment helps improve processes and relationships with hotels.

  • Allows retention of existing procedures for entering charges, existing contract or pricing structures.
  • Leverages existing merchant relationships with American Express.
  • Enhances settlement arrangements compared to invoice processing.

Improve cash flow

Quicker payment can be offered to hotels without compromising your cash flow.

  • If you are acting on behalf of corporate clients then vPayment accounts can be issued in your client’s name, releasing you from the risk and resource of billing and collections.


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