Travelers Cheques

More Rewards American Express Card

May be refunded if lost or stolen*

24/7 customer support

Accepted at thousands of locations worldwide***

Never expire



Travelers Cheques mean peace of mind



Protect your travel money.

Travelers Cheques may be refunded if lost or stolen.*

Travelers Cheques are only available for purchase in selected countries** 


Protect yourself against identity theft.

If they are lost or stolen, don't worry—Travelers Cheques are not tied to your bank account or any other personal information.


Redeeming your Travelers Cheques.

 Travelers Cheques are welcomed at thousands of locations worldwide.***


Using Travelers Cheques as part of a mixed wallet.

Travelers Cheques provide safety and security if lost or stolen* when taken as an additional payment option along with other travel payment products.


Travelers Cheques are backed by American Express.

For more than 100 years our Travelers Cheques have helped travellers protect their money.

Travelers Cheques are a globally recognised and trusted form of payment.


Travelers Cheques never expire.

Unused Travelers Cheques can be used for future trips.



Find Exchange Locations




*Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.  Identification and proof of purchase required.

**Please call customer services for details of where Travelers Cheques can be purchased. Click here to find the customer service number for your current location.

***Exchange fees may apply.

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