Membership Rewards

Rewards for your Company

What is the Corporate Membership Rewards program?


The Corporate Membership Rewards program enables your Company with the flexibility to earn Corporate Membership Rewards points on all Corporate Card spend and consolidate them into one central Account.1

Points can then be redeemed on a wide range of rewards – including flights, Gift Cards2 and to pay down the balance3 on your employees Corporate Card statements.

Corporate Membership Rewards don’t expire4 and there is no limit to the number of points that can be earned.

The Corporate Membership Rewards program allows your Company to:


Choose the number of Cards to enrol in the program

Accumulate points in a central Account and control how these are redeemed

Retain points earned by an employee, even when they leave the Company

Consolidate Card management through a chosen Program Administrator.

Ready to enrol in Corporate Membership Rewards?

Simply complete the Company Application Form and return it to American Express to get started.