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The Membership Rewards program offers a breadth of rewards so you can propel your journey – wherever it takes you. Earn Membership Rewards points on most everyday purchases, then use points for gift cards, travel rewards, or even to cover recent Card charges. T&Cs apply.

Why you’ll love Membership Rewards points

Unlimited Earning

 With no caps, you can earn points on eligible spend

No Expiry

Continue to earn and grow your points every year


Redeem for almost anything on points

How to Redeem Membership Rewards Points

Use Points to Travel

Transfer your Membership Rewards points to a wide range of Airline Rewards and Frequent Guest Partner Programs1.

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Use Points for Purchases

Membership Rewards gives you the freedom to use your points to cover almost anything you've purchased on your Card3.


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Use Points for Gift Cards

Redeem your Membership Rewards points for Gift Cards from leading brands and retailers across fashion, dining, live entertainment and movies, wellness, health services and more5.

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Use Points to Shop

Use your Membership Rewards points to make purchases online and shop at your favourite brands6.

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How to Earn Points

Explore the different ways to earn Membership Rewards points

Use your Card for everyday purchases like petrol, grocery shopping and eating out

Add Additional Cards for your family and friends to earn points on their spend. T&Cs apply7

Refer a Friend and you could both earn Bonus Points

Check Amex Offers for Bonus Points offers

Ready to Start Earning Points

Explore our lineup of American Express Membership Rewards Cards

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Expect rewards after you apply and are approved for an eligible American Express® Card. You can earn Membership Rewards points for just spending on certain categories, depending on your Card. Terms and Conditions apply.

Membership Rewards FAQs

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Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions


View full terms and conditions below.

American Express Consumer Cards

American Express Corporate and Business Cards

Qantas Direct Cards

David Jones Cards


Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards program apply.


  1. To redeem points to any Frequent Traveller Program you must be a member of the applicable Program. Enrolment in such Programs is solely your responsibility and fees may apply. The minimum requirement and transfer rate varies. Subject to the Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions.

  2. American Express Travel Online: To earn or redeem Membership Rewards points, Cards must be enrolled to the American Express Membership Rewards program, and your Card Account must be in good standing. To redeem Membership Rewards points with American Express Travel Online, you need to have available limit on your Card for the full transaction amount of the booking. You will then receive a statement credit within 3 business days for your points redemption. If the credit isn’t on the same statement as the transaction, it should appear on your next statement. Please pay all amounts due each month. You will earn Membership Rewards points on the full dollar amount charged to your Card. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of our Membership Rewards Program.

  3. Cover Charges with Points.

    • For each successful transaction with covered with points, points will be debited from your Membership Rewards account and a credit placed on your Card in line with the points chosen to be used for the Eligible Charge. A minimum of 1,000 Membership Rewards points is required to cover any eligible transaction with points. Any credit to your Card account cannot exceed the amount of the relevant Eligible Charges. A credit will appear on your statement identified as “Membership Rewards Credit”. Points will be debited immediately and the credit will take up to 3 business days to appear online. Credits processed after the Card account’s statement closing date will appear in the following statement. You are still responsible for payment of the amount due on your Card account by the due date. Any charges covered by points is not redeemable for cash via Credit balance refund.

    • American Express will select and display each eligible charge that can be covered with points (“Eligible Charge”) and the points rate required to cover the Eligible Charge. Each Eligible Charge must: (a) appear within the Online Statement of the Summary of Accounts page; (b) be redeemed within 2 months of the charge appearing on your Card account; (c) not currently or have previously been disputed; and (d) not be a fee.

    • Eligible Charges, including the points rate required to pay for the Eligible Charge, may be changed at any time without notice. Eligible transactions can be covered by points via your online account or American Express mobile app. Covering charges with points is available only to Basic Cardmembers enrolled in the Australian Membership Rewards program and is subject to the full Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions. Authorised agents, authorised account managers, additional Cardmembers and Authorised Additional Cardmembers are not eligible. All Linked Card accounts must be in good standing.
  4. Points for Credit: The redemption of Points for a credit to your Card (Points for Credit) will be administered by us within three business days and cannot be reversed. Amounts credited will appear on the first monthly statement following redemption. If you hold multiple Cards linked to the one Membership Rewards Account, the Points for Credit redemption will automatically be credited to the Primary Account only. Points may be redeemed by the Card Member for a credit on the Primary Card Account. American Express may decline a Points for Credit request where the Card Account or Card Member’s other accounts with American Express are not in good standing.

  5. Gift Card or voucher rewards are not redeemable or exchangeable for cash or credit and are valid for a period of minimum 3 years from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated. We are not responsible if any Gift Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, or the Gift Card is used without your permission. Membership Reward terms and conditions apply. Normal retailer gift card or voucher conditions apply, refer to the gift card or retailer website for details.

  6. You may use Points to make purchases at certain retailers listed on our website. You need to indicate at the time of purchase that you wish to Pay with Points. Individual retailers provide specific delivery and refund polices. Refund policies for Pay with Points retail Partners are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the retail Partner. The retailers’ conditions and refund policies may be amended by the retailers from time to time.

  7. Points earned by any Additional Card Members will automatically accrue to your Program Account only. Additional Cards cannot be enrolled in the Program separately from your Program Account.