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Your Card insurance explained

Your American Express® Card may include complimentary domestic and international Travel Insurance, as well as retail insurances like Card Refund and Purchase Cover, and/or Smartphone Screen Cover.


Terms, conditions and exclusions apply (such as maximum age limits, pre-existing medical conditions and cover limits). Use the dropdown menu below for more information.


You should review your Card Insurance T&Cs in the ‘Insurance with your Card’ section below, to understand when you are covered.

Get your Confirmation of Insurance Benefit Letter

If you are a Card Member who has a Card with Complimentary Travel Insurance and need written confirmation that your American Express® Card includes insurance benefits for border entry purposes, CHUBB Insurance can provide a letter confirming the travel insurance benefit on your Card.


IMPORTANT: This letter is not confirmation that you or anyone else is covered by the policy. To be eligible for cover, you must meet all the eligibility requirements of the policy.


As with all insurance policies - cover is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions (such as maximum age limits, pre-existing medical conditions and cover limits). For more information on eligibility, see the ‘Your Card Insurance Explained’ section above.


It is important that you read your Card Insurance Terms and Conditions before you travel, to determine if you and your travel plans are covered. You can find the Insurance Terms and Conditions in the ‘Insurance with your Card’ section below.

Make a claim

In the event of a medical emergency


Should the unexpected occur whilst you’re travelling make sure you contact Chubb Assistance soon as practicable on +612 9335 3492. Chubb Assistance will ensure you receive fast and effective treatment from a doctor who speaks your language. Your claim may be affected should you not contact us as soon as practicable.


Lodge your claim via the Chubb Claim Centre for American Express.


For details regarding David Jones Credit Card Complimentary Insurances, read our FAQs


Advise all claims to Chubb within 30 days of a claim event or as soon as reasonably practicable. You must submit all supporting documentation e.g. Medical reports, police reports, declarations, receipts or other such evidence Chubb may request to assist Chubb in the prompt resolution of your claim.


For all other concerns, call the Chubb Claim Centre on +61 2 9335 3492


Insurance included
with your Card


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