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Remember to do these as soon as possible so you can make the most of our benefits.


Check your Terminal Email us with a copy of any receipt from your terminal if your terminal doesn't process American Express transactions.


Card Not Present?

Do you have any online transactions or via telephone? If so, follow the process for the 'Card Not Present' solution enabled for your business. Contact your bank, terminal or online payment gateway provider for more details.


Attract Card Members

Let customers know they can pay with their American Express Cards by ordering and displaying free American Express signage. If you're an online business, you can download free digital logos too.


Register for an online Account

Managing your Account online is easy. Get 24/7 access to payment information, manage disputes efficiently and more.



Tell your employees

Make sure all your team members know that your customers can now pay using American Express Cards




What happens next? Once a customer has made a purchase using an American Express Card, you will begin to receive monthly statements from us or you can track details of payments from American Express via your online Merchant Account 24/7.







Your Merchant Account. Managed on your terms.


Online is the fastest and easiest way to stay in control of managing your Account with us. You can then spend more time on what really matters, growing your business.


View payments 24/7

With instant access to transaction details, e-statements and up to 16 months of payment information all in one place - you'll find it simple to manage cashflow.



Manage disputes efficiently

Stay on top of dispute cases by receiving alerts and uploading your documents online.


Update Account details

Make sure to keep your details up to date to be notified of the latest American Express benefits.



Chat with us

Have a question? Click the 'Chat' button and one of our team members will assist you.



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Access a range of payment information including payments for your American Express transactions and payment solutions to support your business.




How we pay you

Find information on how and when you'll be paid once you start taking American Express transactions.





Merchant Service Fee

Enjoy our competitive and simple fee structure with no hidden cost. Check your e-statements to confirm the details.



Stay on top of your payment details View e-statements, latest payments, transaction details and more.

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Transaction processing solutions

Multiple currencies or recurring billing? Find solutions here.                                










Disputes & Fraud


With some basic knowledge and tools, dispute management and fraud protection does not need to be overwhelming. Minimise the chance for disputes that can lead to unnecessary chargebacks and risk of fraud.


Disputes & Chargebacks

How to avoid disputes, what you need to do when you receive a dispute case, industry guides and more. Everything you need to know about disputes is summarised here.



Mitigate fraud risk

As an American Express Merchant member, there are many things you can do to help mitigate fraud. Make the most of your membership and help shield your business from fraud.








Data Security


Keeping Card Member information safe and secure is an important part of your agreement to accept American Express Cards. Check out what you can do to strengthen data protection for our Card Members.


Steps to protect your customers and your business

Take these recommended steps from the Payment Card Industry to secure your systems against data incidents.



Report your security status

We may request that you report your security status to us depending on your American Express card transaction volume. See what you need to do to comply with the American Express Data Security Operating Policy.







Get payment information on the go

Having easy access to your American Express payment information helps you actively manage your cash flow and keep your business moving forward.











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Grow your business with American Express benefits


Business is about trusting your instincts and partnering with the right people. American Express provides the benefits you need to grow your business.





Business Class from American Express


Get the essential know-how and insights to sharpen the business decisions that you make everyday.








Take full advantage of the American Express network


Want more customers coming through your door? Find our how American Express can help get them to your door and keep them coming back.









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Have your ten digit Merchant number on hand to help us serve you efficiently. In order to protect your Account, we will ask you some security questions to verify your identity when you call.



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