Make the most of Samsung Pay

Pay on the go


Using Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a secure and convenient way to make mobile payments and is welcomed anywhere that accepts American Express® contactless payments. You can make in-app and in-store payments simply and safely. ​

High-value purchases

Use mobile payments for large or small purchases. Pay by following the prompts on your device and Card reader.

Worry-free shopping

Make secure transactions with four layers of fraud protection. We've got your back, every step of the way.

Life should be rewarding​

You’ll be able to earn the same rewards every time you spend using your American Express Card with Samsung Pay.​

How to set up Samsung Pay ​

Three simple steps to set up Samsung Pay on your compatible Samsung phone.​

How to set up Samsung Pay - Step 1 - Screen-print of a Samsung phone.

Open the Samsung Pay app on your phone, and sign in with your Samsung ID.


How to set up Samsung Pay - Step 2 - Screen-print of a Samsung phone.

Scan your Card, or manually enter the Card details. For security purposes, we may ask you to enter a One-Time Password to confirm your identity. Then follow the on-screen instructions.​


How to set up Samsung Pay - Step 3 - Screen-print of a Samsung phone.

And you're done - it's that simple.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Cards can I use with Samsung Pay?​
    All Australian American Express issued Cards are eligible for use with Samsung Pay. This includes American Express issued Personal, Small Business and Corporate Cards.
  • Which devices are compatible with Samsung Pay?
    Samsung Pay is supported on a variety of devices from the Galaxy S, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A, Galaxy J, and Galaxy Note series. It is also available on Samsung wearables like the Galaxy Watch and Gear series. The Galaxy S8 supported Iris scan, however it has been discontinued. Finger scan is supported on all Galaxy S9 and above products. No Samsung devices support Face scan for EMV transactions. Please visit for the complete list of compatible devices and more information.
  • Where can I use Samsung Pay?
    Samsung Pay is already accepted wherever you are currently making contactless payments using your American Express Card.​To know more about using Samsung Pay, click here.