Plan It™ Instalments Terms and Conditions


These Plan It Terms and Conditions (“Conditions”) apply to each Instalment Plan that we allow you to activate on your Card Account. These Conditions should be read together with the Terms and Conditions that apply to your Card Account (“Card Conditions”).


Capitalised words, unless defined below, have the meaning as set out in the Card Conditions.


How Plan It works


  1. You can create monthly instalment plans (“Instalment Plans”) on eligible consumer credit cards where your account has been, and continues to be, in good standing. American Express David Jones cards are not eligible.

  3. You will be shown the amounts that can be transferred to an Instalment Plan in your Online Account (known as ‘My Account’) or the American Express App (“Online Account”). Generally, you can create an Instalment Plan of at least $150 from new purchases on your most recent statement before the Payment Due Date. We may limit the amount that can be transferred to an Instalment Plan.

  5. Once you create an Instalment Plan, your Card Account will have two balances; your Instalment Plan Balance, and your Card Account balance (“Standard Balance”). Any interest accrued on the billed amounts before you move them to an Instalment Plan will be added to your Standard Balance.

    Instalment Plan Fees and Charges


  7. For each Instalment Plan, you will pay an equal monthly amount known as your “Monthly Instalment”, which is determined by the total amount you choose to move to the Instalment Plan, divided by the number of monthly instalments you select at plan creation, plus a monthly fee (“Monthly Plan Fee”). The Monthly Instalment is in addition to any amounts payable under your Standard Balance. Note that the Monthly Plan Fee is rounded to the nearest $0.01 at the time your Instalment Plan is calculated, which means your final Monthly Instalment may slightly differ to account for this initial rounding. You will be shown the final Monthly Instalment prior to its due date.

  9. Each Instalment Plan will begin from the date it is successfully created, as communicated to you in your Online Account. Payment of your first Monthly Instalment will be due in your next payment cycle.

  11. The Monthly Plan Fee is a fixed amount that will be charged as part of each Monthly Instalment. This fee will be charged each month your Instalment Plan is active and will be notified to you before you create the Instalment Plan.

  13. If you are eligible for interest free days on your Card Account, you will continue to be eligible where you pay your Standard Balance, plus any Monthly Instalment(s) for that month in full by the due date shown on your statement.



  15. You agree that, while you have an Instalment Plan, the minimum payment due for your Card Account will be calculated as:


    your Monthly Instalment(s)
    any overdue or overlimit amount
    the greater of $30 or 2.5% of your closing Standard Balance, or if your closing Standard Balance is less than $30, the closing Standard Balance.


    This means your monthly minimum payment obligation may increase.


  17. Note that, in the month that you create an Instalment Plan, the minimum amount due on your Card Account (as set out in that month’s monthly statement) will not change for that month. The minimum payment due in the following month will be adjusted in accordance with clause 8 above.

  19. By creating an Instalment Plan, you request that part of your monthly minimum payment will be applied to your Monthly Instalment before all other balances (where those other balances may have higher interest rates). By doing so, you understand that you may pay an amount or rate of interest greater than required under section 133BQ of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. You may withdraw these requests at any time by cancelling your plans.

  21. Any payments in addition to your monthly minimum payment will be credited to your Standard Balance, not your outstanding Instalment Plan balance(s).


    Direct Debit


  23. If you have set up a direct debit (subject to clause 9 above):

    a. to pay your balance in full each month, this amount will be updated such that we will deduct any Monthly Instalments, plus the full Standard Balance;
    b. to pay your monthly minimum payment, we will deduct the amount specified in clause 8 above;
    c. to pay a fixed amount nominated by you, we will deduct the amount specified in clause 8 above or the nominated fixed amount, whichever is higher.


    Cancellation and Default


  25. You may request to cancel your Instalment Plan(s) at any time. Any billed Monthly Plan Fees will remain payable, but no further Monthly Plan Fees will be billed after cancellation is effective. As cancellation can take 24-48 hours to process (“Processing Time”), you may be charged a further monthly plan fee after requesting cancellation if the Processing Time occurs on your payment date. Once cancelled, the remaining balance for the cancelled Instalment Plan(s) will be moved to your Standard Balance, where the standard interest rate for purchases will apply.

  27. We may withdraw this offer or prevent you from creating any new Instalment Plans. We may cancel any of your existing Instalment Plan(s) at any time if your Card Account is overdue, or if you do not comply with these Conditions. The remaining Instalment Plan balance will be moved to your Standard Balance.

  29. Credits or refunds relating to part of the balance of an Instalment Plan will not automatically cancel that Instalment Plan or be treated as a payment by you toward that Instalment Plan but will be applied to your Standard Balance.