Corporate Card Programmes

Savings & Cost Control

Cost Control


Maximise your cost management


The American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card programme is a powerful and flexible tool to maximise the efficiency of your cost management programme. Enjoy the flexibility of a variety of spending limit options, designed to control high-risk spending and enforce your company’s expense policies. Card restrictions to maximize cost containment include:


  • Overall spending limits
  • Industry spending limits
  • Cash Access limits
  • Individual Cardmember

Cost Control with better management information


With American Express @Work you can get a clearer picture of your Company finances to maximize your cost control potential. A combination of unique financial tools – including best practice reports, options to customise reporting for your Company and enhanced data files that sync with your current financial systems allow you to see things others don’t and get the most from your data.


Billing and payment options for greater flexibility


With the power to coordinate bill payments with your Company’s payroll periods and reimbursement schedules, your Company can greatly improve its financial efficiency. Cardmember online statements can also be made the responsibility of individual Cardmembers, significantly reducing your Company’s administrative workload.


Protect your bottom line with Liability Protection


The American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card programme offers limited liability options so that Cardmembers remain liable for all personal charges, unapproved expenses, and out-of-policy expenses.

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Be prudent in managing your finances and maintain good credit.

Overseas Express Cash: A service fee amounting to 1% of the cash withdrawal or NT$50, whichever is higher, will apply.

For more enquiries on other fees, please contact us at (02) 2547-3663.

Except for benefits or services that American Express has disclosed the applicable period and conditions to Cardmember, American Express

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