30,000 Membership Rewards® points American Express Business Checking Welcome Offer


You are not eligible to earn a Welcome Bonus for any accounts opened for a business that currently has or has had an American Express® Business Checking account.


To be eligible to earn a Welcome Bonus of 30,000 Membership Rewards® points (the “Welcome Offer”), you must meet each of the following qualifying criteria:


(1) Open your first American Express® Business Checking account, which is subject to approval;

(2) Deposit a total of $5,000 or more in eligible deposits that you make and are posted to your account within thirty (30) days of account opening.  Eligible deposits are all deposits that you make, except deposits from any other American Express® Business Checking account, deposits from interest payments, and deposits using our Redeem Membership Rewards Points for Deposits feature. Eligible deposits that you may make within thirty (30) days of account opening but that post to your account and appear in your available balance after thirty (30) days of account opening do not qualify; 

(3) Maintain an average daily balance in your account of at least $5,000 for sixty (60) days, starting on the date that your eligible deposits are equal to $5,000 or greater. We calculate the average daily balance of your account for the sixty (60) days as the sum of your account’s end-of-day balance for sixty (60) consecutive calendar days divided by sixty; and

(4) Complete five (5) qualifying transactions within sixty (60) days of account opening. “Qualifying transactions” are defined as mobile deposits, check deposits by mail, and electronic/online transactions, including ACH, Wire, and Bill Payment transactions made to or from your account.  Business Debit Card transactions and deposits using our Redeem Membership Rewards Points for Deposits feature are not qualifying transactions. Transfers between American Express® Business Checking accounts held by the same business are not qualifying transactions. Stop payments and transactions that do not post to your account and do not appear in your Available Balance within sixty (60) days of account opening are not qualifying transactions.


After you have completed all the above qualifying criteria, American Express will credit the Membership Rewards points to the Membership Rewards Program Account linked to your American Express® Business Checking account within 8-12 weeks. We may not credit the Membership Rewards points, or we may take away the Membership Rewards points if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the offer in any way or that you intend to do so. We may also cancel this account and other accounts you may have with us if we determine abuse, misuse or gaming behavior has been shown. Your American Express® Business Checking account must be open at the time of fulfillment; we may not credit the Membership Rewards points if you or we close your American Express® Business Checking account.


The Welcome Bonus may be taxable income to you and may be reported on IRS Form 1099. You are responsible for any federal or state taxes resulting from the offer. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about the tax treatment of the Welcome Bonus.


American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke this Welcome Offer at any time without notice.


Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards® program apply. Visit www.membershiprewards.com/terms for more information.


If you’re new to the Membership Rewards® program:

Any points you earn, including this Welcome Bonus and from making Business Debit Card purchases, can be converted into deposits made directly into your Business Checking account.


If you already have a Membership Rewards-enrolled Card:

You can choose to convert points into deposits directly into your Business Checking account or use them the same way you always have – for travel, gift cards, and more.


Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice.


The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo.


Welcome Offer offered by American Express National Bank, Member FDIC.


ATM Withdrawals 

At Allpoint® and MoneyPass® locations in the U.S., you can withdraw cash and get balance information with no fee. Access to ATMs outside of the Allpoint® and MoneyPass® networks are subject to fees by the ATM owner and/or network. ATM withdrawal limits apply. American Express applies foreign exchange fees to withdrawals in foreign currencies. American Express does not accept ATM cash deposits into your Business Checking account at this time. Visit americanexpress.com/atm-locator to find participating ATMs in the U.S. 


Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as advertised is accurate as of 10/12/22. APY is applied on account balances up to $500,000. No interest is earned on account balances over $500,000. APY is subject to change at any time without notice before and after a Business Checking account is opened.


American Express™ Business Blueprint App

With the American Express Business Blueprint™ App, you can view your select business products. These products include American Express® Business Line of Credit, American Express® Business Checking, American Express® Payment Accept, and American Express® Business Credit Cards. Customers may also view the eligible external business bank and Card accounts they choose to link to Business Blueprint. Additional terms and limitations may apply. Some app features may only be available on supported devices. The American Express Business Blueprint™ App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Message and data rates may apply.


Digital Wallet

Contactless payments are accepted at participating merchants only.


Integrate Accounting Software

QuickBooks® and the QuickBooks logo are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc. To use this feature, you are responsible for separately purchasing and maintaining a QuickBooks account subscription as required by Intuit, Inc. American Express is not responsible for the products or services offered by Intuit, Inc. For more information about QuickBooks, visit https://quickbooks.intuit.com/.


Mobile Deposits
Deposit limits and other restrictions may apply. Some deposit types are not eligible for mobile deposit. See the Remote Check Deposit Addendum in your Business Checking account Agreement for other terms, conditions, and limitations.


Membership Rewards® Program

Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards® program apply. Visit www.membershiprewards.com/terms for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. The value of Membership Rewards® points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo.


Membership Rewards® Program for Checking and Debit

When you open an American Express® Business Checking Account, you will also receive a Membership Rewards® Account, in which you will earn one Membership Rewards point for every two dollars of eligible Debit Card purchases. Eligible purchases are purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. For more information on eligible purchases, visit www.membershiprewards.com/terms. You can redeem Membership Rewards points for a deposit into your checking account. Click here to learn what other redemption options may also be available. If you also have a Rewards Account in connection with a Card Account, your Rewards Accounts can be linked and you will have access to all redemption options offered with that Card Account. For more information, visit www.membershiprewards.com/terms


Membership Rewards® Program - Redeem for Deposits

You may redeem Membership Rewards® points for deposits into your American Express® Business Checking Account at the standard rate of 1000 points for an $8 deposit.  If you have a Business Platinum Card® and an American Express Business Checking Account linked to the same Membership Rewards Account, you can redeem points for a deposit at a rate of 1000 points for $10 for up to 1,000,000 points per calendar year, after which you may continue to redeem points at the standard rate. There is no minimum number of points needed to use Redeem for Deposits. American Express will deduct the number of points you select from your Membership Rewards Account and deposit a corresponding dollar amount into your checking account.  Generally, deposits will post to your account within 48 hours of redemption.  For more information, visit www.membershiprewards.com/terms.


Same Day ACH

$10 USD fee applies. Same Day ACH transactions submitted between 12 AM and 2:45 PM ET on a business day will arrive on the same day by 6 PM ET. The availability of your funds may vary depending on your payee’s financial institution. Please note that the same day ACH option is not available for recurring or international transactions.



Rates & Fee Table: American Express ® Business Checking


  Annual Percentage Yield (APY)   1.30%1 - Effective October 12th, 2022
  Monthly Account Maintenance Fee     No fee
  Account Opening   No fee 
  Additional Accounts   No fee
  Domestic Wire

  Incoming: No fee

  Outgoing: $25

  Domestic ACH   No fee
  Domestic Same Day ACH   Outgoing: $10
  International ACH   Incoming: No fee
  Debit Card: Allpoint® ATM Withdrawals    No fee2
  Debit Card: MoneyPass® ATM Withdrawals    No fee2
  Debit Card: Foreign Transaction Fee
  (Foreign Purchases & ATM Transactions)
  2.7% of the amount of each transaction after conversion to US Dollars 
  Physical checks processing   No fee   
  Statement copy   No fee
  Checkbook (optional)   No Amex fee, 3rd party cost varies based on items ordered 3
  Mobile deposit capture4
  Outgoing returns & incoming returns
  Non-sufficient funds
  Stop pay
  Billing Inquiry
  Duplicate credit/debit received
  Late fees incurred
  Admin processing
  No Fee




APY to be earned on account balances ≤ $500,000. No interest is earned on account balances over $500,000.
Cash withdrawals from ATMs outside of the Allpoint® or MoneyPass® networks may be subject to fees by the ATM owner and/or network.
Third-party vendor Harland Clarke provides checkbooks and determines pricing.
Some deposit types are not eligible for mobile deposit. See the Remote Check Deposit Addendum in your Business Checking Account Agreement for other terms, conditions, and limitations.