Pay Over Time is a feature that gives your business the ability to carry a balance and pay off eligible purchases, with interest1.


Upon Card approval, you automatically have access to Pay Over Time. At that time, you are assigned an Annual Percentage Rate and a Pay Over Time Limit1, which represents the maximum you can revolve at any given time.


How Pay Over Time Works

Pay Over Time is included on your Card

You can manage your Pay Over Time settings on your mobile app, online account, or by calling the number on the back of your Card. Your Pay Over Time setting1 is initially set to On, and must be set to On to give you the option of paying eligible charges1 over time, with interest1. When the setting is set to Off, you will be required to pay all new charges in full at the next payment due date.


Purchase with confidence

Make purchases for your business knowing you have the flexibility to pay over time. We make it easy by automatically moving new eligible purchases into your Pay Over Time balance1, up to your Pay Over Time Limit1.


Pay now or later

At the end of your billing cycle, you can either pay in full or carry a balance with interest1 by paying the minimum amount due or any amount in between.


Earn Membership Rewards® points

If your account is enrolled in the Membership Rewards®2 program, you’ll continue to earn points on your total balance as long as you pay the Minimum Due by your due date.


Manage Your Business Expenses

Make your Card work for your business


Whether you’re investing in new equipment or covering unexpected costs, Pay Over Time1 gives you the purchasing power you need today, while managing your business cash flow needs. Most purchases are eligible1 for Pay Over Time, from recurring expenses to bigger investments.

Invest in technology or equipment

Manage fluctuating cash flow

Take advantage of bulk discounts

Handle delayed customer payments

Prepare for your busy season

Cover unexpected costs

Pay Over Time Interest1 Calculator

Estimate your interest charges.

Select the APR that applies to your account¤

pay over time icon


Estimated interest due for revolving an average daily balance of $0 for 0 days**

How Your Pay Over Time Limit1 Works

Is there a limit to how much I can Pay Over Time and where can I find my Limit?

Yes, your Pay Over Time Limit1 is the maximum amount you can pay over time. You can find your Limit on your mobile app, online account*, or on your billing statement.


*From the Amex online home page, select "Balance details" on the right-hand side of the screen. From there you can view your Pay Over Time Limit1"

Does Pay Over Time affect how much I can spend on my Card?

No, having Pay Over Time does not impact how much you can spend on your Card. Your Card has No Preset Spending Limit1 providing you with a flexible spending limit allowing you to make purchases above your Pay Over Time Limit1. The amount you can spend on your Card adjusts based on factors such as your payment history and spending habits.

What happens if I exceed my Pay Over Time Limit1?

You must pay in full any charges not included in your Pay Over Time balance. Any single transaction that would cause the total balance to exceed your Pay Over Time Limit1 will be due in full.

How long can I Pay Over Time?

There’s no time limit for how long you can continue to revolve your balance, as long as you pay at least the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date each month. Carrying a balance will result in Card Members incurring interest1.

Pay Over Time Can Help Businesses Like Yours

“Pay Over Time helps you manage your money better because you don’t have to have a huge cash outlay”


Tom & Sally Greenhaw, Novalibra

Frequently Asked Questions

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