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Click to Pay – Card Member Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Click to Pay?

The Click to Pay icon icon  represents a checkout option for online shopping, that helps provide a consistent, convenient and more secure checkout experience. Whenever you use this option, you can pay with your eligible American Express® Card (“Card”), as well as a range of other eligible cards, where American Express is accepted and Click to Pay is available. In some instances, you may be required to verify your identity, for example, by entering a one-time passcode. Please know that you can add or remove your available Cards in Click to Pay at any time.

2. Which American Express Cards are eligible?

An “eligible Card” to use Click to Pay is:

  • an American Express U.S. Consumer or Small Business Credit or Charge Card that is not cancelled and that is issued to you by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express.
  • an American Express® Corporate Card that is issued by American Express Travel Related Services to you, as an employee of a commercial Card customer who is working in the U.S.

An “eligible Card” does not include:

  • American Express Prepaid Cards, such as American Express® Gift Cards and American Express Serve® Cards. 
  • single-use virtual account numbers, such as vPayment from American Express, Buyer Initiated Payment and Business Travel Account programs.

3. If I don’t see my Card, can I add Additional Cards?

Yes, as long as your Card is an eligible Card (see FAQ above, “Which American Express Cards are eligible?”). 


All U.S.-issued American Express Cards, except for prepaid American Express Cards, will already be available for use with Click to Pay. If you previously removed an eligible Card, you can always add it again.

4. What is the “Remember Me on this Device" option?

The “Remember Me on this Device” option allows you to check out faster without requiring you to confirm your identity, for example, by entering a one-time passcode.

If you use Click to Pay on a shared device or a device that another person can access (for example, if another person knows your device passcode or has a fingerprint registered on your device), you should not select “Remember Me on this Device” as it will allow that person to use your Card in Click to Pay.

5. Will I receive a one-time passcode every time I check out?

No. If you have checked “Remember me on this device,” you can check out faster without having to confirm your identity, for example by entering a one-time passcode. However, for added security, you may periodically be asked to authenticate your identity.

6. How secure is it for me to use Click to Pay for purchases?

Click to Pay combines security features for online transactions, including tokenization and encrypted and dynamic data exchange, that can help reduce the risk of fraud.

7. How do I remove my Card from Click to Pay?

You can click here to access your American Express online account and remove your Card from Click to Pay. You can also remove your Card during checkout. 

8. How will the purchases appear on my American Express Card billing statement?

All purchases made using this checkout option will appear as regular purchases.

9. Who should I contact about returns and refunds?

For all purchases, you should first contact the merchant and process the return or refund as you normally would according to the merchant’s return and refund policies. In case you do not recognize a transaction on your billing statement, please contact us.

10. What information is shared with merchants?

When you use Click to Pay, you authorize and direct American Express to provide your personal information, including your Card and shipping information, to the merchant to process your transaction. American Express has no control over the privacy and data security practices of merchants; it is always your responsibility to review the merchant’s privacy policies and terms and conditions before making a purchase. 

11. What happens if my Card is renewed or replaced?

Your new Card will automatically appear as a payment option when you choose to make a purchase using Click to Pay. However, the first time you use your new or replaced Card to make such a purchase, you’ll be requested to confirm your identity before completing the purchase.

12. What terms and conditions apply when I use Click to Pay?

Click to Pay Terms as well as your Card Member Agreement apply. You can view Click to Pay Terms here

13. What if a device I’m using for Click to Pay is lost, stolen or compromised?

If a device on which you use Click to Pay is lost, stolen or compromised in any way (for example, through a virus or spyware), call us immediately at the telephone number on the back of your Card.

14. What happens if Click to Pay is unavailable?

Not all merchants will offer Click to Pay. Also, on rare occasions, Click to Pay may be down, unavailable or not working properly. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your Card account information or an alternative payment method to complete your purchase.

15. My account is locked, how do I unlock it?

If your Click to Pay profile is locked, it will be reset after 24 hours. You can try to access your Click to Pay profile after this time to continue. If you are still experiencing any difficulty, please call the number on the back of your Card.

16. Am I required to have an active email on file with American Express to pay with a Card when using Click to Pay?

Yes, you must have an active email with American Express to pay with a Card when using Click to Pay. You can add your email by accessing your online account at or through the American Express® App.

17. What is Click to Pay ID with American Express?

Your Click to Pay ID with American Express is the active email address you have on file with us. You can use this email to access your eligible Cards for Click to Pay.


In order to use a different email address as your Click to Pay ID, you are required to update your email by accessing your online account at or through the Amex App. 

18. I have a question that was not addressed in the FAQs; who should I contact?

Please call the number on the back of your Card for further assistance.