An adventure for every taste.

Travel Consultants are here to help craft a day-by-day vacation tailored to you. Explore our sample itineraries to get inspired—your adventure awaits.

A historic castle is built into lush forest along the Rhine river
Guided Outings
You’re in good hands. Get ahead of the crowds as experts show you hidden gems and unique perspectives at each stop. Explore the Antarctic with marine biologists, hear charming anecdotes straight from locals, or enjoy special access to great art with an after-hours tour of your favorite museum.
Machu Picchu on a mountaintop, surrounded by mist
Explore the Sites
From ancient cities to modern marvels, bustling markets to expansive palaces, discover places worth traveling to. Steep yourself in the legacies of cultures past and present and make your way through the metropolitan hotspots on your bucket list.
Two travelers converse in camp chairs next to a fire while a safari truck idles nearby
The Natural World
Take in tranquil rivers, dense jungles, and soaring mountains. Venture in the wild to spy animals in their natural habitat. Whether you want to rough it or just enjoy the scenery from afar, we’ll help you connect to the world around.
A candlelit terrace overlooks a European city at sunset
Culture & Creativity
Connect with your destination through the art and traditions of the people who live there. Participate in world-famous events, enjoy live entertainment, or see artisans at work up close.
Let your taste buds lead the way. Learn to cook alongside local chefs or indulge in five-star dining. Slow things down with a stately tea ceremony, or sip whiskey right in the distillery where it was made.
Elephants, Africa
Join in
Don’t just go there—be a part of it all. Get a taste of the cowboy life on a dude ranch, or learn hurling on the rolling greens of Scotland. With a world of experiential offerings, each destination can become that much more meaningful.
Bears stand on mossy rocks over river rapids
On the Water
Whether on a cruise liner with exquisite amenities or a day trip canoeing down a river, there’s no end of ways to incorporate water travel into your journey. Find adventure, luxury, and gorgeous seascapes on a nautical voyage uniquely your own.
A train bisects a grassy valley surrounded by mountains and flowers
On the Road
Watch the landscape unfold from a sumptuous train car or make your way off the traveled path with an all-terrain vehicle. You’ll get to enjoy every station, tunnel, and mud puddle on the way to your destination.
Partner Packages
Some services are better together—get celebratory meals and behind-the-scenes access when you buy tickets to major events, or take advantage of special deals on all-inclusive travel and lodging. Bundles like this are a great start to the end-to-end trip planning that American Express Travel Consultants can already provide.
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