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American Express® Gold Card

Key Benefits at a Glance

Membership Rewards

This best-in-class reward programme allows you to improve employee satisfaction, while improving compliance with your company spend policy.

Global Assist Hotline

Answers and advice when traveling. Lost your wallet? Need a referral for a doctor? Global Assist Hotline is there to help.

Business travel accident insurance

When you carry the American Express Corporate Card, you are able to travel with more comfort knowing you can be covered in case of an accident.

Explore the Power of the American Express® Corporate Card

The benefits of using the Corporate Card are numerous:


  • Gain visibility of all business spend
  • Save money and maximise supplier savings
  • Reduce paperwork, save time and reduce the cost of processing invoices
  • Streamline employee responsibilities
  • Manage the Card programme across a host of different countries 

Nedbank internet banking

Enable employees to access recent spend information 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.


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American Express® Gold Card


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Terms and conditions apply for the benefits mentioned. 

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