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Welcome to American Express



With over 100 million American Express® Cardmembers around the world who love to travel frequently, they prefer shopping at merchants who welcome American Express Cards. Our Cardmembers often have higher purchasing power and tend to make repeat purchases. Therefore you are likely to see them return to a merchant in the future, due to the loyalty they have to our Card.




Advice for welcoming American Express Cards 

Chip Cards require a PIN


  • Ensure customers enter their PIN into the terminal to complete a transaction. 


Check the numbers written on the Card


  • Make sure that the number engraved on the front of the Card coincides with what is inscribed on the back.


Note the expiration date of the Card


  • Verify that the American Express Card that is presented is within the expiration date.



Compare Signatures


  •  If a signature is required, make sure the signature on the back of the card coincides both with the name printed on the front of the card and the spelling mantches their identity card. 


  • Compare the signature on the receipt/invoice with the back of the Card.